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The rules of Sensible Medicine are simple. If an article is signed -the Editors, then all of the people listed below, our editorial board, take ownership of it. If an article is signed by an individual, then they alone take ownership of it. Our goal is a showcase a range of ideas and opinions, and we may disagree with each other. Once upon a time, that was how progress occurred. We hope to return to a vigorous dialog.

John Mandrola- Cardiologist, Electrophysiologist

Adam Cifu- Professor, Internist

Adam S. Cifu MD

Vinay Prasad- Professor, Hematologist, Oncologist, Health policy researcher

Vinay Prasad | The Epoch Times

Marty Makary- Professor, Surgical Oncologist

Marty Makary - Paragon Institute

Camilla Alderighi - Cardiologist


Zubin Damania - Hospitalist, Science Communicator

ZDoggMD Deletes Twitter Account After Dust-Up With Science Museum | MedPage  Today

Ioana Cristea - Psychologist, Meta-researcher


Leslie Hansen-Lindner - ObGyn

Leslie Hansen-Lindner MD

Contributing Authors

Leslie Bienen - Public Health

Leslie Bienen - Pilot Project Coordinator for BUILD EXITO and Lecturer -  Portland State University and PSU/OHSU School of Public Health | LinkedIn

Andrew Foy - Cardiology

Dr. Andrew J. Foy, MD | Hershey, PA | Cardiologist | US News Doctors

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Adam Cifu, MD 

Internist, professor, patient. Author: Ending Medical Reversal; Symptom to Diagnosis; Sensible Medicine. Podcasts: S2D & Clinical Excellence. Loves Baseball.

John Mandrola 

Heart rhythm doc, writer/podcaster for @Medscape, learner, cyclist, married to an #HPM doctor. #MedicalConservative. The more you see, the harder medicine gets

Vinay Prasad 

Hematology Oncology Medicine Health Policy Epidemiology Professor

Zubin Damania

I'm a hospitalist and host of The ZDoggMD Show, co-host of The VPZD Show.