The nber has a working paper that asserts that vaccine mandates at colleges worked by avoiding 5.5 deaths per 100,000 in the counties the universities were in. Among other things.

I'm skeptical.

Do any of you know how to review this paper in order to determine if the authors' claims are correct?


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"A college kid who has not had COVID-19 would certainly benefit from the initial vaccine series, but that is a personal benefit" Vinay, when are you going to consider the safety side of this equation??? Men under 30 are at a higher risk of myocarditis than any serious outcome from covid-19! These healthy young people do not need to subject themselves to a new therapeutic platform with WAY insufficient long term safety testing... And these transfection products are based on a virus variant that does not exist. There is clear evidence of original antigentic sin with immune systems seemingly "locked" into producing antibodies that are virtually useless with the new variants. You have people in the "middle" listening to you that might push their college age kid to get vaccinated based on your advice here.

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Aug 14, 2022·edited Aug 14, 2022

1. Dr. Prasad said previously on Youtube: "Randomize or shut the F**K up." (I agree w/ him)

2. Dr. Prasad wrote above that covid naive college students: "would certainly benefit from the initial vaccine series."

Dr. Prasad should square statement #1 with statement #2.

Dr. Prasad uses the word "certainly" when there has not been a single RCT where "severe covid" was a primary endpoint. In the Pfizer pivotal trial, "severe disease" was a "secondary" endpoint which produced a placebo vs. vaccinated score of (if I recall correctly) 30 to zero. However, Pfizer refuses to release the demographic data on those 30 patients. The Pfizer trial protocol contains detailed data management plans. Pfizer could release the demographic data (age and co morbidities) on these thirty severe cases with the push of a button.

Suppose that all 30 severe cases were in patients over age 60. In that case, Pfizer's own RCT data would argue against a protection against severe disease in college age people and children. That sure would be inconvenient.

Given the fact that the vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission, protection against severe infection is all that Pfizer can hang their hat on. If young people and children receive such a benefit, Pfizer can prove it by releasing randomized data.

(BTW, given that the primary endpoints in the Pfizer trial quickly fell apart upon confrontation by the real world, I see little reason to be confident in Pfizer's secondary endpoints - - especially when patient detail on those endpoints remains concealed by a self interested Pfizer. You want to shut me up? Push a button and print out the age and comorbidities of the 30 severe cases in the pivotal trial.)

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The ongoing insanity of these rules is truly enough to drive ME crazy! I still have a daughter in grad school (physical therapy) and they have had ongoing masking rules in her classes. Never mind that these kids are assigned to do group projects and meet at a bar or coffeehouse without a mask to do this work...no way they could possibly get or share COVID there. But in the classroom, we must do everything possible to protect them! Fortunately, I no longer have a child living on campus (I had two in 2020 and the first part of 2021, and their lives were miserable). They feel as though they have been unfairly singled out for transmitting infections and being a risk to others, and the schools with the ongoing rules are proving that to be correct.

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Kind of funny that the CDC recently dispensed with some of the "interventions" that Duke is forcing on students.

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Are Duke’s employees unionized? In California a lot of the vaccine mandates in schools are driven by unions.

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After reading this, I decided to check MIT's policies. They are here: https://now.mit.edu/policies/vaccination/

MIT seems to have the same policies that Duke has: students have to be vaccinated and boosted. I expected MIT to apply science, reasoning, and critical thinking to it's policies but sadly it has not.

As Vinay says "Vaccinated, boosted and unvaccinated people can all test positive, and they can all spread the virus. A prerequisite for vaccination mandates is that there is a benefit to third parties." Given the information available today, I find it unethical to have a vaccine mandate.

I have graduate degrees from both MIT and Duke. I just wrote to both institutions saying that I will no longer be sending them money.

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Hi Dr. Vinay Prasad,

You said the following:

"Of course, a World Health Organization approved covid vaccine is mandatory. Boosters are merely recommended. No exemption for natural immunity is noted.

While I’m glad they aren’t mandating boosters, neither of these recommendations makes sense."

Allow me to make some corrections. It is not about making sense, mandating any medical product in order to have access to higher education, or society in general, is a Severe Crime. Let me repeat, it is a Very Serious Crime and goes against every single Chart of Human Rights that you can read.

Additionally, by doing that, we are selecting people without judgement and this is very important to consider. The Wisest and the Brightest will not be in "Academia". I must say in relation to this that I've seen with my own eyes how the Real Scientists (I'm coming from Physics and Biophysics) are in the age of retirement, most of them have already retired, and I am very sorry to say but they do not have any replacement. And I am still talking about a generation that had Real Scientists as teachers, they are not at the level required, not by a long shot. So...

What is going to happen when these Young Covid-Selected Kids are the ones in charged of "Academia"? Well, let me give you the answer: We will enter into the middle ages again. Science, guided by Cordial Hypocrisy, will be no more, and Superstition, Subjectivity and Madness will replace it while the whole of society collapses into a New Dark Age.

PS: You also said "A college kid who has not had COVID-19 would certainly benefit from the initial vaccine series, but that is a personal benefit— not a benefit to others." That is absolutely not true. I am not going to keep playing the game of having to consider that you are restrained in what you can and cannot say. If you are playing that game, then you are just the same as Fauci. I am not going to accept that anymore, I am sorry.

In case you truly believe there is a benefit for college kids if they have not had COVID-19 before, then I must change my mind on your Critical Thinking Abilities, because we are talking about serious crimes here, this is not about being cordial with your colleagues.

NOTE: I am not being harsh, I am being honest, which is exactly what you cannot do because it is not allowed by your profession. So let me correct myself, you are not a failure to your profession for not being honest, your profession itself is a failure to Humanity for what it has become. Coming from Physics and Biophysics, I should not be doing your job for two years, trying to figure out what is happening. It seems to me now that your whole profession is a parasite, a cancer, a disease. Cordial Hypocrisy is how it propagates.

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This is just ridiculous. Even our local hospital only gives PCR tests to patients going into surgery. Not sure anyone else gets regular testing anymore, maybe some care workers, certainly not healthy students going to college. This is bonkers.

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Put Santa Clara in this category as well! Still mandating boosters!!😡

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After reading your article I was curious about what my alma mater was doing. If you go to the Texas A&M Covid website you will see it has not been updated since May. The Brazos County website has lots of suggestions but no mandates. I was not surprised just amused.

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If the data is showing side effects, injuries and death, and negative efficacy, why would say that non-Covid infected youth would benefit by the vaccination?

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Sad that so-called universities are doing such dumb things. Do they deserve the title?

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Better yet... Let's not test anyone and assume that reasonably intelligent people will stay home with any symptom of any disease, go back to work/school when they feel better. AND, these same reasonably intelligent people will probably take themselves to the hospital should critical, life-threatening symptoms appear. OR, how about taking it to the extreme and not just stop testing for Sars CoV 2 and demand testing for HIV, TB, Hep A, B, C, any and all STDs, VZV, and the list goes on.

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When will this stop..... U of Manitoba will require masks this fall, while some other schools recommend them.... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/masks-mandatory-recommended-manitoba-universities-colleges-1.6528929

and...... https://www.utoronto.ca/utogether/vaccines

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Unfortunately, this is happening (see link) and so, once again, medicine by science is overruled by the re-invigorated and growing anti-vax community. And at Substack these self-proclaimed experts who aren’t can even amass paying subscribers some of whom are the innocent scared and confused, while others seemingly have never met a conspiracy they didn’t like. https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/substack-where-the-covid-19-cranks-all-go-now/

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