We need to stand up for common sense in medicine
The results could force journals to cease publishing. The physician-researchers who primarily publish in these journals could spend more time improving…
Our transplant system is failing, unable to supply necessary organs. Could financially rewarding donors be a workable and ethical solution?
In the Study of the Week, academic cardiologist Andrew Foy explains a study that his group published on the matter of statins and diabetes.
Empathy is acquired only through mindfulness combined with the experience of pain, illness and loss. In short, empathy can be learned but not taught.
In the pantheon of lay press health articles that make me crazy, articles about how brain exercises can ward off dementia lord over all others.
Last Monday, we considered potential bias in data analysis. Today, the Study of the Week considers another source of bias—trial design.
Is it a wise choice? Dave Allely investigates
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